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Daily Devotional

The Blessing of the Grave

So many souls have gone before bone-weary from the fight

Of holding high the blood stained banner to reveal the Light

Of Life and Truth the Way of peace that comforted their souls

As they completed all that God designed to be their goals

For many were the young at heart though well advanced in years

Who fought those battles by God's grace through faith and many tears

While others were in early youth with what appeared to be

A future for the making with great possibility

But all had one thing common one thing only saints can know

No matter what one's age might be it's God they want to show

To all who live around them who still have a chance to be

Recipients of godly grace for all eternity

And should they rest in Jesus should God choose to close their eyes

While still a child in youth before their mind is worldly-wise

Or should they be advanced in years as old as dust they feel

The most important hope they have is having Jesus' seal

Upon them for the keeping til they meet their Lord at last

When all that's soon to come on earth will be but reckoned past

As Christ comes in His glory to receive what is His own

Who've rested as He rested when He laid behind the stone

Awaiting for that calling when from bondage they'll be free

And death no longer has the power to hold both you and me

If we have like the saints before been found in Christ the Son

To live in love's obedience through all that we have done

For then all will be naked for the eyes of all to see

Who held to what they knew of God in their infirmity

As to the reason they were laid to rest for just a while

When they'd begun their journey or had walked for many miles

And then they'll be most thankful God elected what He did

When by His grace their feeble souls alone in Christ were hid

And they were sealed forever in the safety of the grave

Feared by the worldly minded who chose not the Gift God gave

That saw death as a moment meant for cleansing to be free

Of all the world's defilement that had marred their purity

So in the realms of glory with their Saviour by their side

They'd have no stain upon them for which they would need to hide

Job 13:13-18; Romans 8:10-11; Colossians 3:1-4; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

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