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Daily Devotional

The Calling

There is no greater calling to be placed upon a soul

Than working with the Master making broken people whole

Through acts of true compassion looking not upon their sin

But how through grace and miracles they might be whole again

Whole from a life of brokenness that may have started when

They were abused in childhood by the nearest of their kin

Whom they had loved and trusted in their closest family

Not knowing of the evil of that one's perversity

Or maybe somewhat later in another whom they found

Would be their life's companion married on that hallowed ground

Assuming they would never have to fear that special friend

Until they met the creature that they did not comprehend

Could be within that person whom they chose to spend their life

In love with through the moments that they knew would bring them strife

But never thinking heaven could be shaken to its core

Until their blissful marriage was destroyed and so much more

As pride transformed to anger anger to the beast of sin

Revealed by rage and violence they thought would never end

Until they broke their promise to be with them all their life

For fear that their surrender would mean death from all the strife

And carrying that burden they descended into hell

Where people bruised and broken know the outcome all too well

That fears those nearest to them taking no one in their trust

Unless they see compassion demonstrated and they must

To live another moment knowing not what else to do

Not knowing what the future is about to bring them too

If they should see tomorrow or should meet their own demise

Or maybe trust the passion that they see within the eyes

Of one that's gone before them to a similar degree

And found that transformation at the cross of Calvary

Where love met them in sorrow and removed their darkened past

And gave them joy and healing that eternally would last

As they shared with another all the love that they had found

From God through Christ their Saviour Who met them upon that ground

Where they too once had suffered and raised them to victory

To share the love and Light of life for other ones to see

Matthew 5:1-16; Romans 8:28

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