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Daily Devotional


So many yokes we fashion that we place upon ourselves

And also upon others who are different in themselves

That never were intended by the God Who made us free

Who fashioned formed and made us to reflect divinity

Are yokes that cause distraction from the plan God has for us

Who wants us individually to place in Him our trust

Who wants us every morning to seek guidance through our prayers

That draw us closer to Him than to other worldly cares

For fame and popularity for selfish wants and needs

That Satan has abundantly and sows like evil weeds

That dry up all the nourishment our feeble soul requires

For want of doing all those things that fill our hearts desires

And also can be found not just in worldliness but church

When we decide to follow other folks and fail to search

The path of life for evidence of where our God has led

Assuming others know the way He's planned for us instead

But God never intended we have pack mentality

Assuming that the crowd knows best the person we should be

And thereby chasing others without seeing for ourselves

The beauty and the majesty wherein God's Spirit dwells

Where He would have us follow as we leave those yokes behind

That we have often followed like the blind leading the blind

That only bring destruction if not given by the Lord

Who died to give us freedom that His love and grace afford

The freedom that will yoke us with the only Source of life

That gives us strength in number that can overcome all strife

That number with the Father and the Spirit and the Son

That has no competition when we are the Three in one

That then lives for the purpose that all others folks might see

How God deals with each person in their own diversity

To help them be more like Him in obedience and Truth

That promise to provide in us the path that leads to youth

That will be life eternal for the ones that follow Him

Who gives them by Example that one yoke He lays on them

That has one holy purpose one intent and one decree

To bear His perfect likeness throughout all eternity

Isaiah 58:1-12; Matthew 11:27-30

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