Daily Devotional

Nature Restored

Creation shows the power of God His glory still abounds

Though sin has marred the face of earth all nature still resounds

With thankfulness each morning for another day of life

Though torn by sin and its effects of pain and death and strife

But soon there'll be a day when nature will be sad no more

For all the vanity of man and pride it's suffered for

As it too will have liberty to serve our God in peace

And share the joy it once had known God meant should never cease

When God will say there's been enough for all the worlds to see

Of all the evidence in sin and how iniquity

Destroys the beauty of His love displayed when life began

And crowned with His perfection when He breathed His life in man

For when this theatre of earth produces its last show

And Truth has been declared to all for all the world to know

And everyone's decided whom they've chosen to believe

The outcome of their choosing will reveal what they receive

As those who've chosen darkness with the father of all lies

Will scramble from the brightness that will force before their eyes

The truth of their decision when they turned away from God

And chose to grasp rebellion in the selfish path they trod

And God in love and mercy once they fall on bended knee

Confessing in conviction He has judged them righteously

Will send down fire from heaven to destroy them one and all

Those bound to sin and selfishness and he who caused their fall

And once they're burned to ashes and the earth is cleansed at last

God will restore creation as He did in eons past

With elegance and fashion as He made it all before

When all of His creation lives to honor and adore

The One Who suffered with us through the travesty of sin

The One Who chose to leave His throne to be as one with men

The One Who paid the debt we owed that we could never pay

And be as one again with Him on resurrection day

Because of all His glory seen in all the good He's done

Reflected in the life of Christ God's first begotten Son

Who'll walk as One among us in the paths of life made new

Where nature once again will kiss His feet with morning dew

Romans 8:9-25; Isaiah 65:16-17; 66:22-23; 2 Peter 3:11-14

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