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Daily Devotional

Neglected Promises

So great and many promises God has for us today

To comfort guide and strengthen us along the narrow Way

Are left unclaimed forsaken by the ones who need them most

The ones who plan to someday be the pure and chosen host

Who claimed the name of Jesus from the cradle to the grave

But never really knew God's love and mighty power to save

The way they could have known it as was given them to do

Abundantly provided in the Truth He brought them to

For God's most interactive with the ones who are His own

Providing intersession from His great and mighty throne

That knows no limitation for the ones He knows as His

Who choose to emulate Him in a troubled time like this

That's here to make us ready for the time that's soon to come

When all the world will wonder where these troubles have come from

Assuming incorrectly those who love Him most are wrong

Because they do not follow in the foot steps of the throng

Who've failed to stop and listen with a most attentive ear

To all of God's instruction that He's made for us most clear

Recited in the Word of God from Law to Prophesy

Where every page contains the Truth He wills for us to see

But also holds the promise for the ones who will be tried

The ones who like their Saviour love the Truth for which He died

And know that God is able to deliver them as well

If that's what's most effective in the story they must tell

Of Him Who knows the limits of God's patience with all men

And soon will bring an end to all who choose to hold to sin

Who'd rather have the glory and the honor of the world

Than face by grace the tempest that upon them will be hurled

By those whom they once trusted in their Christian family

But when in trial are tested will decide to take the knee

Neglecting their allegiance to the mighty Son of God

To walk the path that leads to death that other sinners trod

Because they failed to capture in their minds what they might see

That was for them available blessed by divinity

If only they had spent the time with God in scriptures there

Where God was waiting just for them to seek His will in prayer

Daniel 12:1-3; Matthew 7:21-23; Hebrews 6:4-6

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