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Daily Devotional

Once a Heathen

I used to be a heathen living life all on my own

Believing God just put me here then left me all alone

Believing all that happened was by random happenstance

And I could change the future if I only had a chance

But then by grace God laid me on my back that I might see

That without Him there could not be life in humanity

There could not be a nature nor a sun up in the sky

Nor seasons for refreshing that the harvest time supplies

There could not be tomorrows neither all the yesterdays

If we had not His breath of life that fills all life today

And but for His great mercy all we are would cease to be

Had Christ not died upon the cross that day on Calvary

To save this selfish heathen from his ignorance of bliss

To show him love alone could save him for a time like this

When he could live a portion of this time in History

To be a part of God's great plan for all the worlds to see

God's work for our salvation on this theatre called earth

Revealed by His amazing love when He first gave us birth

While knowing in the future He alone could clearly see

The awfulness that man would bring His creativity

And still in love He made us with a free will all our own

As love cannot be love no matter how much love is shown

If one has not the freedom to decide to love in kind

Or turn away that love as one who chooses to be blind

And then to see the miracle of faith that comes through grace

That fits this lost and helpless soul to stand before God's face

Not one who walks in heathen paths of selfishness and pride

But one who breaths the breath of God that Jesus puts inside

To share with other sinners who know not the love of God

Who know not of the Saviour Who still walks the paths we trod

Each day as by His Spirit He helps us the more to see

The power of the blood He shed way back on Calvary

That makes a heathen holy makes him one with God again

Restoring what God meant to be a life devoid of sin

Embracing life through Jesus Christ not living on our own

But living as a sinner saved by grace and grace alone

Ephesians 2:1-9

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