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Daily Devotional


I hear the robin chirping in the fresh new morning air

He's greeting his Creator as he sings his little prayer

With melody and harmony that blends with all the sounds

Creation is expressing in its constant thankful rounds

It's thankful for the morning for another day of life

Not focused on the dangers of the other kinds of strife

It knows it may experience as creatures often do

While seeking preservation by the chores it must go through

No there may not be sweeping or the cleaning of the house

That occupies the thinking of the wily eyed field mouse

But in its occupation of pursuing what to eat

It also must be careful of the dangers it might meet

As hawks and owls are watching for their own next morning meal

Not worried for the outcome of the mouse and how it feels

Just thinking of its own young and the mouths that they must feed

If they too will be able to develop and succeed

And wrens and larks and chickadees that gather seeds to eat

Must likewise watch around them as they prance upon their feet

As serpents may be lurking very close and very still

Just waiting for the next thing unaware that they can kill

And then there's the opossums and the skunks and chipmunks too

Who meet with their disaster in the course they often choose

That takes them in the roadways and the highways where they find

Another kind of creature made without a heart or mind

For everything has reason in this world to fear the day

With all potential dangers that might greet them in the way

Until the Lord of glory comes to put an end to sin

And God becomes the center post that rules the hearts of men

But still the birds are chirping warbling out their little songs

Not focused on the future and the things that could go wrong

But focused on the moment and how glad they are to be

Blessed by their great Creator and the fruitfulness they see

To be to us a lesson who have reason more to sing Of Him

Who loves us more than life and gives us everything

That has secured our future in that home beyond the sky

Where all will live in joyfulness and none will ever die

Romans 8:14-28

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