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Daily Devotional

Blessing in Infirmity

When I was just a little child so many years ago

I came to meet a person so few people stopped to know

That worked within a building where large masses passed each day

But rarely stopped with more than just a word or two to say

I think her name was Janice or Miss Donna I don't know

Whatever she impressed me every time that I would go

To where she worked most humbly as she sold her simple wares

To people who kept passing with their own minds on their cares

When here was one so gentle saying little of her past

But always very interested in the folks that passed

To help them in her simple way with what she had to share

To meet the needs of those who stopped to buy her simple wares

For she worked in a little stand that sold commodities

Like sodas bubble gum and snacks and crackers made with cheese

As well as chips and coffee cigarettes and sundry things

That people found they wanted that she stood there offering

But that was not what shocked me on the first time that we met

Though what my mother bought me was what I had hoped to get

What shocked me most was watching as this woman quickly found

The items people asked for with just simple touch and sound

For she lived without vision she was blind and could not see

But from the time she learned my voice she always welcomed me

When we would stop to ask her for some wanted thing she sold

That she could find quite quickly without having to be told

And as she showed an interest in the things that I would share

She never seemed that bothered knowing that the people stared

For life meant more than worrying about what people thought

About her world of blindness and the battles that she fought

For to her way of thinking blindness blessed her every day

As she could see more deeply through the things people would say

What really was within them that appearances could hide

But voices and inflections would reveal was deep inside

And by that cared more deeply for the folks that she would meet

As in her time she'd bring them through her prayers to Jesus' feet

Where blindness was her vision that could see within the soul

Of those she prayed would meet the One Who longs to make them whole

2 Corinthians 12:6-10; Philippians 4:19

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