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Daily Devotional

Five Loaves and Two Fishes

So many many years ago the story has been told

God blessed a young lad's little lunch with more than he could hold

Five little loaves two fishes in a basket soon became

Twelve baskets full of fragments in the power of Jesus' name

And that was only after Christ fed such a multitude

Five thousand men plus women and the children to include

To share with them the lesson that their Father would provide

What truly was essential when in Him they did confide

Their every need for service that enabled them to be

The people that He wanted to send to the world to feed

The lost and hungry people who like them could never find

Their way without the Saviour to impart to soul and mind

The lessons of salvation from the cradle to the grave

How God for us does everything He can that He might save

As many who will listen to the speaking of His voice

And then through inspiration choose to make the proper choice

As those who did before them in the stories that we read

Of miracles unnumbered for the people who did heed

The prompting of God's Spirit to abandon all beside

That He might have His presence unencumbered and inside

Their hearts to share the lessons simple words can never teach

But must by their experience enable them to reach

The other ones who stumble in the painful path of life

Who often stop and wonder if its worth the daily strife

But just as God has shown us in this story long ago

Those five loaves and two fishes have a lesson we should know

Five loaves five days for working through the struggles in the way

One fish for preparation and one for the Sabbath day

When all can come together with their Saviour there to find

The peace of knowing Jesus that invigorates the mind

And gives us light for learning that no other day can give

For those who will be waiting when He comes for them to live

Forever in that city with foundations that are laid

Twelve layers deep of precious stones with walls of gold He made

Twelve gates for them to enter whom He sent the ones to find

Who had the food left over that no good be left behind

Matthew 14:15-21; John 6:3-13

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