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Daily Devotional

Trust in Jesus' Name

Come now ye saints to honor Him with heart and soul and voice

While there is yet a moment left for all to make their choice

For Jesus Christ and righteousness through His salvation plan

Or for the dark and evil one who seeks the soul of man

With fatal lost confusion twisting truth to fit his need

As those who fail to look to God help evil to succeed

Assuming in their mortal hearts they know what's right or wrong

And willingly confuse the two so they can get along

With those who serve their master who's the father of all lies

Who tells them he who leaves this life behind him never dies

When scripture is explicate when God's judgement falls on men

They will be gone forever in the fire God sends for sin

For only those who serve Him Who maintains the universe

Who shares with us His message from the Bible in the verse

That says the dead know nothing for the thoughts of them are gone

Will see the Truth more clearly when they search for Him at dawn

Not just the dawn of morning but the dawn that greets the Son

When in their new awakening their sinful past is done

And in their full submission they give all to Christ in love

Who meets them every morning as He speaks from up above

To those who choose to listen to pursue His perfect truth

No matter what they've learned of old taught them from early youth

For as they see the time is near when Christ will come again

They want more than rewards of men to know they're welcomed in

Into that Holy City where the saints of earth will rise

When Jesus comes again to earth to split the eastern sky

And calls His precious children who've been waiting in the grave

To go with Him to heaven He's prepared for those He saved

While all the lost and fallen who rejected what He gave

And died in sin are waiting for their judgement in the grave

Will then be resurrected when the devil's time is due

To be consumed by fire when the final cleansing's through

That cleanses all the universe of every painful thought

Of every dark remembrance of the battles that were fought

For everywhere will only be the joy of those who came

To know the joy that comes to them who trust in Jesus' name

Ecclesiastes 9:5-6; Revelation 20

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