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Daily Devotional

Awake While There's Still Time

Awake my soul from slumber while there's still the light of day

While still we have the freedom to be open when we pray

To share the light and glory that is hidden in His Word

Before the dark of midnight takes away the truth we've heard

Be swift my soul to answer when you hear the Master's call

To lay aside your selfishness to give to Him your all

Not hesitating when you hear those words that come from Him

To tell the world of Jesus Christ and all He gave for them

Not hiding from the promise that you made Him long ago

To do as He instructed that the world at large could know

The truth of Jesus' coming when the tribulation ends

And judgement of the wicked for the sake of those begins

Who knew not of the darkness in the hearts of those they knew

And all the hidden evil in the things that they would do

Though hidden from the eyes of men could not be hid from God

Who judges by the statutes of His Law He calls the Rod

And who they thought were holy by the titles that they held

When all the deep miasma of the darkness is dispelled

And truth is seen quite clearly when the book of record's read

The record of the ones still left upon this earth all dead

Who'll wish they had responded when they're raised again at last

To answer for the sinfulness they harbored in their past

But could have given Jesus to be nailed upon the cross

Whereon the Lamb of God did bleed to save that which was lost

But only if they turned to Him who takes our sins away

When we in deep contrition kneel before Him as we pray

Abandoning what we once were to be made new again

A people of obedience repulsed by selfish sin

So hurry now my soul fear not the devil's wicked ways

For he has not the power over one who always prays

And even though this body he may have the power to kill

Our God retains the power for the one who gives his will

To walk Christ's path of righteousness as Jesus did before

When He promised eternal life with Him and so much more

Than words could ever tell for those who give their all for Him

The way He gave His all to give His gospel call to them

Isaiah 6:1-8; Matthew 28:18-20: Daniel 7:10; Revelation 20:11-15

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