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Daily Devotional


When I was just a child I can remember that I heard

A preacher share a message on a very special word

That word that has a message that we need to understand

Most keenly if we are to be the people God has planned

For most today are wanting when it comes to what it means

To have a perfect character the way the scripture deems

Is needful if we are to be among those who are saved

When Jesus comes to call the ones now resting in the grave

And many think if they perform for other folks to see

An outward form of righteousness that looks like purity

They'll slide right into heaven and the Lord won't even know

The falseness in their character they tried hard not to show

But falseness in one's character that seems to cover sin

That hides that dark iniquity one harbors deep within

Is like the wax that once was used by sculptors long ago

To cover imperfections they had hoped would never show

But as the heat of summer and the shining of the sun

Beat down upon their sculpture all the wax would start to run

And all the imperfections would be there for all to see

Just like the trials that try us and reveal our vanity

And as the condemnation would be brought upon the soul

Of him who was deceitful for man's glory as his goal

So those today who use the wax of fallacy to hide

Their evil traits of character will be most sorely tried

And found to be most wanting by the Lord when He returns

To gather all His children for whom now His heart still yearns

Because they lack sincerity in all they say and do

Sincerity “without the wax” that others never knew

But that God saw most clearly as from Him nothing can hide

And only those who love Him most will in His home abide

Where everything and everyone is true as they appear

Unlike so many who profess but really are not here

And in that home where we will live throughout eternity

The people who lived for the Lord in their sincerity

Will be the ones who have the joy that fakers could not find

Because they chose to live for Christ with open heart and mind

Joshua 24:14-24; 1 Corinthians 5:8

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