Daily Devotional

Trial To Triumph

The trip from trial to triumph can be difficult at best

Beset oft times with tragedy that brings us to a test

Of where we choose to place our trust on whom we will believe

To help us through the agony and pain that we receive

From choices and decisions that were made by us before

When failing by our own accord to trust our Saviour more

Than our own strength and wisdom when temptation came our way

And we fell hard in Satan's trap because we failed to pray

Or maybe it was nothing of ourselves we did at all

That knocked us from our pedestal and caused us hard to fall

Just living where the enemy still rules the hearts of men

Who constantly are drawing us to follow them in sin

Whatever be the reason for the trials that we face

One thing is plainly certain that we need God's loving grace

That power from outside ourselves that comes to those who pray

Who seek in deep sincerity their Saviour everyday

And choose to lay all self aside with all that we have done

To be the burden of the Lord's He places on His Son

No longer to be reckoned on our record up above

Because His blood has covered all through His redeeming love

That love that sees no failings in the tenor of our past

That only sees a pilgrim that has found their way at last

To home within His Kingdom where the saints forever shine

Who chose to give the Master all their heart and soul and mind

And let Him take possession of the life that we have left

To make us pure and holy knowing each and every test

Is given for a purpose that the world in us might see

The power of almighty God that's found on Calvary

That triumphs in the darkest night that never knows defeat

That bears a light that all might see to everyone we meet

That Light that bears the presence of the One eternal God

Who walked this path before us when upon this earth He trod

And Who today is waiting where we meet with Him in prayer

Attending to our every step to guide us everywhere

To make and mold and fashion us to be the more like Him

That all the world might see the Truth God still holds out to them

1 Chronicles 29:10-15; Isaiah 25:8-9; 1 Corinthians 15:51-58: Psalm 32

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