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Daily Devotional


The angels have a saying, “If your work's not born of love

“Then how can it be valued in that perfect Home above?

And if it can't be valued by the Saviour of mankind

Then should we even let it have a place within our mind?”

For angels know each moment that we have is precious here

As time for Christ's appearing is approaching very near

And time of man's probation need be spent upon those things

That will enhance God's Kingdom where the saints of Christ will sing

About the glorious victory they found in serving Him

Who focused every waking thought upon His work for them

And not on worldly honor or His mighty throne above

But how to build His Kingdom with more precious souls in love

With Him and with His Father for the Sacrifice they made

When Christ joined with humanity to pay the Price they paid

That separation equal to some thing we'll never know

As love met with perfection on the cross where Christ did go

To bear that crushing burden that would take away His life

Where sin confronted Purity but could not win the strife

That tore the heart of Jesus as He bore the grief of hell

With anguish that no mortal tongue on earth could ever tell

And then from death to victory as Christ in love arose

The Promise of eternal life to share with all of those

Who like Him would be set apart to save the souls of them

Who see His image through their works and words that point to Him

And choose not earth's distractions knowing moments here are few

And for those who are searching there is yet so much to do

To point them to the Saviour that most Precious Lamb of God

And help them in their struggle in the path of life they trod

To see there's more to living for a moment's pleasure here

There's something far more precious than those treasures they hold dear

And something more rewarding than to hear the praise of men

Who still succumb to mortal death until there is no sin

When Christ will come in glory to reward those who have died

In faith and full conversion to the One we crucified

But Who by grace has made us guiltless in the eyes of God

As long as we are focused on the path of faith we trod

Psalm 101:1-8; 23:1-6; 1:1-6

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