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Daily Devotional

  1. Mature in Christ

  2. Subtle are the many ways we start to doubt in heart

  3. That when it comes to Jesus' love He has the greater part

  4. He is the One Who sought us when we wandered far away

  5. And paid the Price to keep us on that crucifixion day

  6. He's also every morning 'til the end of everyday

  7. Attentive to our calling when we're fearful of the Way

  8. He's chosen here to lead us in our journey back with Him

  9. To where the saints in glory will enjoy His plans for them

  10. He also makes provision for us from His throne above

  11. That meets the needs we have the most through His undying love

  12. With certainty He listens to our slightest heart felt prayer

  13. Assuring us through scripture He is always waiting there

  14. And when we have those challenges we're often forced to meet

  15. That bring us to our knees on earth we're also at His feet

  16. Where He can bring His blessings down upon us from above

  17. Those blessings once again His Holy Scriptures tell us of

  18. That oft don't seem like blessings when at first they come our way

  19. But will be clearly evident that awesome Judgment Day

  20. When found by Him not wanting as so many there will be

  21. His smile of sweet acceptance will be all we care to see

  22. Because we did not falter in the end to grasp His grace

  23. Although we could not see Him or the tears upon His face

  24. When oh so many left Him to embrace this world below

  25. Not willing by His Spirit to embrace the power to grow

  26. From infancy to childhood then to full maturity

  27. Just like we're told in scriptures that so many fail to see

  28. Because they choose to drink the milk not choosing to do more

  29. In growing by the principles His Bible has in store

  30. Those principles that guide us to a deeper walk with Him

  31. That make us lights of righteousness dispelling dark for them

  32. Who truly want to comprehend what He would have us be

  33. To garner many souls for Him for all eternity

  34. So friend if you've been doubting God has something in His plan

  35. To make you very special in His work of grace for man

  36. Move forward with all certainty in faith upon His Word

  37. And let His Spirit guide you as you make His Truth be heard

  38. Hebrews 5:8-6:3; Matthew 28:18-20; Romans 8:28-39

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