Daily Devotional

  1. Withal

  2. A very disconcerting thought came cross my mind today

  3. What if the Lord were waiting for His people here to pray

  4. Before He chose to finish all the work He has to do

  5. To crush out all the evil and to ransom me and you

  6. What if the pain we suffer and the struggles that we're in

  7. Against that power of evil and that enemy of men

  8. Could quickly reach the climax that the scriptures tell us of

  9. And we could see our Saviour coming down from up above

  10. But God was simply waiting for His people here to see

  11. How great their little portion is in the necessity

  12. Of massing all together as one body under Christ

  13. One body to defeat the foe for which God paid the Price

  14. For as the Bible tells us in the works of prophesy

  15. Deliverance is coming for God's people to be free

  16. But first we must be ready as one body moved by Him

  17. Each member full surrendered to His purpose given them

  18. For also as the scriptures tell us to be formed as one

  19. Each member of necessity must know the Father's Son

  20. With intimate inclusion in their practices each day

  21. As they pursue His promises that line the narrow Way

  22. And as each member's focus is in being just like Him

  23. He'll guide them as a body to perform His will in them

  24. Each one not like the other but in unison agreed

  25. To do their part in reaching to the heart of every need

  26. And sharing that provision that the Lord would have them do

  27. As one they then could carry forth the work He brought them to

  28. Denying all the evil that now rules the hearts of men

  29. To lift up high the banner of Christ's victory over sin

  30. That will at last be witnessed by the watchers in the sky

  31. Who want so bad to see in us the Truth and reason why

  32. We should be given heaven and eternity with them

  33. Who never failed to love the Lord and serve and honor Him

  34. So brothers now and sisters let us put all sin aside

  35. And come as one together for the Lord we crucified

  36. And stand against the tide of evil though we may be few

  37. So God can work among His people as He wants to do

  38. 1 Corinthians 12:1-13:13

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