Daily Devotional

  1. Talents

  2. It's often said and not denied by many in the church

  3. When God loaned out His talents He just left them in a lurch

  4. As they may not be preachers teachers singers or the like

  5. They'd just prefer sit back in a corner out of sight

  6. But scripture is explicit when it comes to what we do

  7. As members of Christ's body 'til we stand on earth made new

  8. Our honor is to live for Him and shine His light each day

  9. On everyone we chance to meet along our narrow way

  10. For preachers may be gifted at least those who have God's call

  11. To preach of Jesus' Kingdom and His plan to save us all

  12. And teachers may have lots of news we have not heard before

  13. That helps us understand God's Word and love Him more and more

  14. And those who share God's message in the structure of their songs

  15. Can open up the passages for which our sad heart longs

  16. But really true and favored ways God wants His message heard

  17. Is by what others see in us through actions voice and word

  18. For many have a talent that's been given them for praise

  19. To help those who are struggling with all the many ways

  20. They're told to have salvation when the ones who speak the most

  21. Have little to reflect at all of God's great Holy Ghost

  22. But when that praise is given in the hearing of their ears

  23. How Jesus gave His all for them to take away their fears

  24. And grant them His assurance that as long as they're with Him

  25. Salvation is His promised gift He's purchased just for them

  26. To live by daily going to His mighty Word in prayer

  27. And finding all the gems of Truth He's holding for them there

  28. Then cherishing those treasures through the way they choose to live

  29. Is how they will respond to Him when He wants them to give

  30. His message to another who is struggling in their sin

  31. Who really needs to know the grace He has for them within

  32. Their burdened heart that longs to have assurance of that love

  33. That flows to all who place their faith in promises above

  34. Where God's ordained the body that today we call the church

  35. That body of believers He has called to go and search

  36. For souls in need of knowing talents aren't for just a few

  37. But are bestowed on every soul who'll do as Christ would do

  38. 1 Corinthians 12:1-31


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