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Daily Devotional

  1. Real Love For God

  2. So few can comprehend how deep one's love for God can be

  3. That love that grasps the tender heart and will not set it free

  4. That sees from now the future with a joy that will not end

  5. Those endless moments in that land with Christ our dearest Friend

  6. So few can see past wanting to have everything right now

  7. Possessing all the blessings without being told just how

  8. Those blessings cost our Saviour more than we can comprehend

  9. And therefore need to be most wise in how we choose to spend

  10. The talents and the moments we're entrusted with while here

  11. Investing in the future of that Kingdom that is near

  12. When God will add the tally of the things that we have done

  13. Reflective of the way we felt about His precious Son

  14. To see if we were truly just what we had claimed to be

  15. Did we possess the Spirit people needed most to see

  16. That listened most attentively to people we would meet

  17. To see what God would have of us to lay before His feet

  18. As offering through how we chose to serve these one's of His

  19. Who needed most to see the Gospel in a time like this

  20. Through selfless acts and kind attentions to the needs they had

  21. And words of real encouragement when they were down and sad

  22. For really deep endearing love that God most wants to see

  23. That gathers grace each morning from His presence on our knees

  24. Looks for the needs in others God is wanting us to serve

  25. Not for the signs that we suppose tell us what they deserve

  26. For real love with our Saviour helps us do as He would do

  27. Helps us see beyond exteriors the soul He's reaching to

  28. And therein helps us see in them the One we love the best

  29. The One Who has provided us that Home where we will rest

  30. From all our worldly labors when at last He comes again

  31. And lifts us to His throne on high no more a slave of sin

  32. Together with those precious souls who saw His love through us

  33. Who saw His perfect image and a heart that they could trust

  34. That truly loved as He loved truly felt their needs at heart

  35. And showed through selfless actions what it meant to have a part

  36. With Jesus in His Kingdom born of love to save all men

  37. Those lights of His in darkness 'til our Saviour comes again

  38. Matthew 25:31-46; Romans 13:8; Galatians 5:13

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