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Daily Devotional


So many fear the consequence of doing something new

They tend to have no confidence in what they're asked to do

And choosing not to trust in God to help them in the Way

They fail to gain the blessing He has promised for that day

And sometimes more than just a day they miss their whole life long

The fulness of the journey for the fear they might go wrong

And not just they but others whom they might have chance to meet

Are lost in their complacency that leads to their defeat

But some perceive the challenge of some new thing they might do

An invitation they might treasure cherished by the few

And grasping life with gusto they proceed to stifle fear

And set off with a heart of faith full knowing God is near

And sure to be their Portion in each challenge that they face

Their Guide and faithful Comforter adorning them with grace

That guides them in the passages they meet along the way

Though sometimes dark with mystery always to light of day

Where even more than once before their confidence is strong

And knowing by experience their journey won't be long

As in His Word He's promised us we'll never have to face

Temptation or its challenges that have the strength of grace

For grace has not an equal when we put it to the test

And becomes even stronger when it's charged with Sabbath rest

As we absorb God's Spirit for the challenges ahead

And trust He'll never fail us in the path where we are led

And more than fear excitement takes the charge in how we feel

Excitement for the future when at last we have God's seal

Placed on us by His Spirit through the workings of the Son

Who is our Intercessor as They work to make us one

One with Them in the journey that we're promised has no end

That once was walked before us by our most endearing Friend

Who promised us His Spirit Who has never let us down

Imparting us His power that we find on holy ground

Each morning noon and evening in His Word with Him in prayer

Assured by our experience He'll always meet us there

To mold us for the future and the new things we will do

Awaiting us in heaven where He's soon to be bring us to

Psalm 16:1-11

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