Daily Devotional

Saving Grace

Amazing awesome loving God I give my heart to Thee

And pray that through each moment here it's You alone I see

Directing all my footsteps in the path that leads me home

Where saints are no more pilgrims nevermore to have to roam

In search of that great Kingdom that our Saviour told us of

That Kingdom that has always been established on Your love

A sure and firm foundation illustrated by the Cross

Where Love expended all it had in Christ to save the lost

The lost of whom I was one in the many years I failed

To stand upon Your Standard when by sin I was assailed

And holding not upon Your grace I let those sinners see

The darkness of a fallen heart who sought Your light in me

But now there is no darkness as long as I walk with You

And tenderly do all the things You wisely tell me to

To help another sinner who is stumbling in the way

Encouraging their every step by what I do and say

That I learn in those moments that I spend with You in prayer

Those moments when I have no doubt Your Spirit's waiting there

Where learning in Your presence all the Truths of light I see

That will produce a brighter light of love through Christ in me

And even though I stumble and at times I let You down

I know in our relationship I still have holy ground

If in my sure confession of the hurtful things I've done

I rise back to my feet again through faith in Christ Your Son

And grasp again in thankfulness Your all consuming grace

That never leaves me on my own in all the trials I face

But is there waiting for me just to put my hand in Yours

And watch as You control the time and open all the doors

That lead me in my walk with You from one place to the next

Assuring me along the way through Your inspired text

That as You've held the future in the past for men before

You still control my future and the hope I'm looking for

So Lord again I thank You for Your endless love I see

And pray that someone in my path will see that love in me

And be drawn to Your presence to be one beside Your throne

Because in me they saw Your Light that shines in just Your own

Proverbs 8:31-36; Romans 8:24-31; 1 John 2:1-3

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