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Daily Devotional

The Blood

They found Him in a manger low the way the angel said

This precious little Baby upon which His mother bled

This Gift for all humanity with blood upon His skin

Ordained by God the Father as the Saviour from our sin

To be the Lamb of sacrifice this precious little Child

The mighty King of Israel this Baby meek and mild

Fulfilling all the prophesies the way the scriptures said

The Light of Life to all the world on which His mother bled

And then He grew through days of grief and turmoil all around

Among a people who had once been led through hallowed ground

Who once had been anointed to be priests and kings of earth

A title God had given them through Abraham since birth

But as the ones before them they had turned away from Him

Who gave them illustration of the Gift He had for them

Through daily rounds of sacrifice to illustrate the way

His Son was to be sacrificed that crucifixion day

Not on a cross of cruelty but by a priestly hand

Upon the altar as the Lord had shown them in His plan

The very One whom they must kill to die that they might live

Designed and told them of the Gift that He would come to give

But hardness in their sinful hearts allowed them not to see

The One Who stood before them was in fact Divinity

And when they had the chance to share the beauty of God's plan

They fell again to grasp the will and ways of godless man

The will that would not listen to the words God shared with them

The words that held the light of life to lead them back to Him

And ways of their confusion that would choose a sinful man

To represent their nation not the Way that God had planned

But this time when the blood was there upon our Saviour's skin

The blood was His that He had bled to save us from our sin

The blood of His Own sacrifice that He would bleed for us

Who see Him as the only One in Whom to put our trust

That He might place upon us as the cleansing from our sin

To make us one through second birth that we might start again

As children washed and purified by Christ's blood to atone

That He by His amazing grace can claim us as His Own

Luke 2:7-16; John 3:3-7; 1 John 1:5-7

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