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Daily Devotional

True Friendship

So many broken promises by people that we know

Who say they'll always love us through the good and bad we sow

But when we need them most in times of our adversity

It seems there's neither hide nor hair of them that we can see

For most folks are just like that lots of talk but little show

And when the going gets real rough they think it's time to go

In some other direction than the path we're walking on

And just like that the ones we thought most near us end up gone

But that's not how it's meant to be in God's eternal plan

That started long before the day He breathed His life in man

It's not at all the way we'll be when Jesus comes again

As Master Maker of the hearts that then will know no sin

And that's not what's intended in how God would have us now

That's not what Jesus showed us when He tried to tell us how

His Kingdom will be populated with folks just like Him

Who will start long before He comes to have His heart in them

For if we can't be Christ-like in our words and actions here

If we are not the tried and true who always gather near

A brother or a sister who is struggling here below

How can we then be worthy of the glory God will show

To those who just like Jesus touched the leapers and the blind

Gave food to feed the hungry shared God's joy to calm the mind

Once torn by pain and circumstances beyond their control

That if not interceded for demand a deadly toll

And those who studied deeply in the Spirit of God's Word

To stand as His defense on earth when doubters could be heard

Promoting lies about the One Who gave His all for us

The One in Whom we daily seek and place in all our trust

For those are now the people who are there to hear our call

Who willingly without reserve will lay aside their all

To be there for the suffering and the one they call their friend

When those of shallow countenance just let that friendship end

And those will be the shining lights God sends to all the world

Who have the banner of His love before their path unfurled

So all who see them coming will know Jesus lives in them

By truth and reputation that they have the heart of Him

Isaiah 58:1-8; Proverbs 18:24; Matthew 25:31-46

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