Daily Devotional

Our Posterity

Like arrows in a quiver that we send for all to see

Are those we call our children who are our posterity

Reflective of the character they've seen in us before

Sometimes a little less intense sometimes a little more

And sometimes not at all like us so it may often seem

As though they were a nightmare that destroyed our hoped for dream

But always bearing traits of us that cannot be denied

That will reveal what's truly there when they are pressed and tried

By circumstance that captures them in things they choose to do

That press them to the nth degree revealing what is true

Within their heart by standards they decide they will not bend

And Who it is they honor most Whose name they will defend

For though we've failed and faltered many times in life before

It's how we've chosen to get up that strikes our children more

As they've watched in the darkness what we've chosen here to do

And where we've chosen to put trust that helped us make it through

And thought they choose to wander like the first part that they saw

That second is what they'll reflect that fills our hearts with awe

As they return to what they've learned by watching us before

And by their own experience meet Him that we adore

Who like us had His children wander in a path unknown

Away from all the goodness and the glory they were shown

A path that brought them misery and anguish without end

Until they will arise to see the One Who was their Friend

Who walked with them each morning and each evening of each day

Throughout that perfect Garden where He meant for them to stay

But by their choice lost privy to for wanting to believe

The liar and the evil one who caused them both to leave

By what he placed within them when they gave to him their will

Effects of which we suffer under to this day and still

Though we see all the consequence we still give more to him

From weakness we inherited in heart from both of them

But as they turned to Jesus Who became their Sacrifice

So we today have also Him Who paid for us the Price

And as we their posterity allow His will in us

So will our children likewise be in making Him their Trust

Psalm 127:1-5; Proverbs 23:13; 29:15; 22:1-6


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