Daily Devotional

Words of Wisdom

Some men seem to fall in the trap of thinking they are wise

When all the world around them see a difference through their eyes

They see the selfish folly that exposes so much sin

And wonder how it is a fool can't see the state he's in

But wisdom is not something we assume is all our own

And when we think we're wise we'd best leave thinking all alone

And hold our tongue in silence while we listen with our ear

To see what other wisdom God through others might make clear

For we can all to often think because we know a thing

Our words should flow like water from a never ending spring

When sometimes perfect silence helps us learn a fortune more

As words of gold and silver are the words God has in store

Through others who just share the thoughts that God might share with them

Who rarely have a lot to say unless those words from Him

Weigh heavily upon their thoughts from time spent in His Word

That took on new significance than what before they'd heard

And as they share the little or the much God's shares with them

They see no wisdom in themselves just lots of praise for Him

And once their done with all they share to silence they return

Assuming God has more in store from others they might learn

And learn they do the lessons of the faithful and the true

Who live not just by hearing things but by the works they do

Supporting all they know as truth for family and friends

And most of all for God Himself on whom the saint depends

Because for them true living is by dying everyday

To self and to that person who gets in another's way

Of seeing Christ our Saviour through the person they've become

Who chooses more than worldly gain the Source that grace comes from

And chooses to reflect Him Whom the world so dearly needs

Whom still at this last moment in the heavens intercedes

For those who look for wisdom not in man but in God's Word

Who likewise shares not of His own but words that He has heard

For as Christ went before us so we too must go like Him

To open up God's living Truth through love to all of them

Who need the wisdom God will share each moment of each day

When we are very mindful it's His words we choose to say

James 1:17-27; John 14:10

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