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Daily Devotional

Power of the Truth

So few can comprehend the Truth God's given unto men

That by His grace through living faith there is no power in sin

That's greater than the power of a Christ-filled holy life

That's focused on the love of God and not this world of strife

For many talk about it many say it's understood

How Jesus came and gave His all upon that cross of wood

And thereby was our sacrifice that we might never die

When drawn with Him to paradise somewhere beyond the sky

But do they know the meaning He made clear for us to see

When daily by Example He showed all that we must be

As stalwarts in the battle to be victors over sin

And lights made for His Kingdom to shine bright before all men

Who need to know the Saviour through the lives of those He's called

From each and every walk of life who choose not to be stalled

By every worldly influence from him we cannot see

But who has been the evil foe of all humanity

Yet who is also beaten in the war against our God

Who cannot cause the weakest saint to leave the path they trod

As long as every morning every moment of each day

They let God's Spirit lead them by His grace in Christ the Way

And let through precious moments spent examining His Word

His voice down deep within their soul share things that must be heard

That place within their psyche anchors to the Truth of God

Most vital to the plan He has to lead where they must trod

And not give up an inkling of what He has placed in them

That makes them more than anything exactly just like Him

That when He sees the time is right and sends them where He will

There'll be no hesitation not a thing to keep them still

For they will not be silenced they will not be held at bay

They'll do the work He's called them to and say what they must say

That will dispel the darkness that now blinds the eyes of men

And keeps them slaves of evil to the father of all sin

For then all will know justice as the Truth it really is

Established on the Law of God for such a time as this

And will make their decision to serve God or doubt Him still

But only those who love His Truth will live to serve His will

2 Timothy 3:12-17; Matthew 5:1-18

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