Daily Devotional


A fool can be distinguished by the look that's in their eyes

Especially when captured in the foolish things he tries

That look that feigns of innocence as though they did not know

All seeds one sows reveal the truth when given time to grow

Into their full maturity to bear the fruit they bring

No longer hiding what they are as God shows everything

That's hidden that's not covered by His all amazing grace

When at the last that person stands before Him face to face

But every fool when tested which the Lord will surely do

If wise can be perfected as a child in Christ made new

If they will be abandoned to the will of God in them

Releasing every hold they have on what dishonors Him

And seeking every morning every moment every day

Not paths of their old habits but a new and living Way

Where God dwells deep within them as their Sovereign Lord and Guide

Revealing only what needs shown but not the guilt He hides

That serves no purpose in His plan of taking sin away

For in Him we have something new to look toward everyday

That starts with precious moments spent absorbing from His Word

The beauty and the power from the mighty truths there heard

Those truths about His Kingdom and the ones who will live there

The ones who here left foolishness behind through daily prayer

That fostered not discouragement but hope and joy and peace

As they took opportunity to give Him full release

And watch through faith His working every moment that He'd do

That work of making foolish wise the Way He's wanting to

As step by step each moment He reveals His will to them

Of what will make them shining lights to lead the world to Him

For lights are all the brighter when they've first been dark and cold

And youth seems all the younger when restored to those once old

And fools who lived to serve themselves bring glory to God's throne

When they seek just the will of God to make His will their own

And find in Him that promise of eternal joy and peace

Beginning here extending to when life will never cease

When side by side and hand in hand they walk with Christ as one

Forgetting all the foolish things that once unwise they'd done

Proverbs 20:1-11; 2 Timothy 3:13-17; Psalm 14:1


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