Daily Devotional

The Old Days

When I was just a small child only four or maybe three

My life was very simple with what little I could see

Of struggles my folks went through just to make the ends to meet

Oft times not lots to show for hours they spent on their feet

Engaging in the work place trying hard to get ahead

But knowing hard as they worked still the bank stayed in the red

But never did they falter in revealing good to me

The good that was their character filled with integrity

No my folks were not perfect but out home was filled with love

And every word there spoken was with kindness spoken of

The need to try the harder to show others how to be

More thankful for the small things that most people cannot see

Like smelling breakfast cooking in the early morning hours

Or hearing crickets chirping in the room right next to ours

Or holding baby bunnies that a neighbor chose to raise

Yes things were far more simple in those long forgotten days

But now though not that small child I can still remember when

My heart was oh so thankful for the little things back then

And satisfied with being who I was with what I had

Was really quite a great things when my past was not so bad

But then in years that followed some things that I could not see

Would have a greater impact on the person I would be

As death would come a knocking uninvited at the door

And those I loved most dearly I would not hold anymore

As one by one they'd perish some from age some from disease

But all no longer with us as in death God's Spirit frees

The breath from this poor body that will someday be renewed

When Christ returns in glory and our lives will be imbued

With life that will not suffer from old sin and pangs of death

For then all will be sanctified who here gave God their best

Though rich or poor or middle classed there all will be the same

Enraptured with a living joy to speak the Saviour's name

Whom they had known while living here as He Who was their Friend

Who loved them in all circumstances 'til the very end

That soon will be beginning when our Saviour comes and again

And all tears will be for the joy He brings and not for pain

Revelation 3:11-12; 21:1-7


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