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Daily Devotional

Truth Out in the Open

Can it be those we've trusted for the last five hundred years

Could also have engendered in society the fears

That have destroyed the fabric of our moral aptitude

Replacing it with doubt of God to be our attitude

I ask for this one reason as I've studied recently

And realized a present truth that's been made clear to me

A truth that is so simple that I've witnessed all my life

That also in my deeper thoughts has caused a little strife

Well you may think it silly as at first I did as well

This truth that I am just about the world and you to tell

But when you check the sources from all nature to God's Word

You'll realize as I have not all's truth that you have heard

For as we look at science most of which is falsely called

The truth until it is revealed the truth's again been mauled

By lies that have a purpose to deceive humanity

To make us think there is no God Who reigns with majesty

We see there's been repeated lies to build up other lies

Repeated until people doubt the truth before their eyes

Like evolution's theory that reduces man to slime

Removing all the urgency about this judgment time

And saying that abortion is about a woman's rights

That children thriving in the womb have no right in their plight

To live as God's ordained them to be His eternally

Is just another fiction as at birth we clearly see

The image of our Maker as the great Almighty One

Who spoke our world to being by the power of His Son

Who also made this earth to be the center of His plan

The middle of His universe the place where also man

Can be a living lesson for the universe to see

The battle between dark and Light that's fought in you and me

That's raging in the teaching we have yet here to explore

But teachings that I promise we'll indulge in even more

But as for now my brothers and my sisters read God's Word

And prayerfully test everything within this world you've heard

For soon you will be faced with Truth to shake you to your core

As we reveal the Light of Truth your heart is searching for

Genesis 1:1-19; John 17:17

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