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Daily Devotional


It seems there's much confusion in the Christian world today

Exactly what is Christian faith for those who trust the Way

Some think it's just believing others think it's so much more

But what lies in the scriptures is what God is looking for

If it were just believing then that is what we'd be told

Believe would be the word most used from all the days of old

Or trusting in some power outside of what we can do

Then surely trust would be the word God shares with me and you

But faith is more specific of much greater things than these

Faith comes from many hours in God's presence on our knees

Developing the little that we're given at our birth

To living life in victory while still upon this earth

For to find definition of what faith should mean to us

We must first seek the Author of the scriptures we're to trust

And ask Him for His guidance by His Spirit to reveal

This element He's seeking for in those He plans to seal

And so we start with Hebrews long into this book divine

In verse one of the chapter of the people we will find

Though fallen lived by faith in God to gain the victory

Expounded on for those of us who learn from history

Where faith is called the substance of the thing that One hopes for

The evidence of that unseen that guides the Christian more

Than feelings or traditions that distort what scriptures say

For faith is most essential for the ones who choose to pray

For as the Proverbs tell us in the words God shared from Him

It is the heart He's wanting in the souls of all of them

Who claim to be His people though confused at times they be

When fully given this is faith revealed by what we see

For like the little school girl who adores the boy she knows

The things she wears the way she talks in everything she shows

The one on whom she's focused and on whom her faith depends

Until they lose their first love and their glow grows dim and ends

We too can have that faith glow that's revealed in all we do

That's constantly illuminating those God brings us to

With warmth brought from God's presence where our heart's entwined with His

That's vitally important to that faith for times like this

Hebrews 11:1-40; Proverbs 23:26

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