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Daily Devotional

The Few Who Understand

So few could understand Him and the reason He was here

Though if they stopped and listened He made all His reasons clear

The reason for His mission to bring knowledge unto men

Who knew so little of Him Who was here to take their sin

The reason why He healed them who were broken sick and lame

Who found the mighty power of God was spoken in His name

Who found also the peace of Him was more than they had known

For all the years they thought just being Jews made them God's own

And those who found a refuge from the sinful things they'd done

When listening to how God gave them mercy through His Son

The Lamb of God the Prince of Peace the One Almighty King

Who left His home in glory to provide them everything

That by them could be needed for their home in Paradise

Their passport into heaven through His perfect Sacrifice

And more than that an honored place before His awesome throne

That He declared would be reward for those who were His own

And yet though much's been written of the time that He was here

Though studying the scriptures make His mission loud and clear

Still just as was past written still is in this present day

Man's ignorance has no regard for why we need to pray

More earnestly than ever as we see what's soon to come

And realize the power of the one those things come from

That will shake the foundations of those things that we believe

Unless our love for Jesus is what we use to receive

His blessings with His promises that come each day by grace

Received in time we spend with Him before His loving face

That shines His light upon us through the words we stop and read

And through His Spirit's prompting that our will in Him might heed

Each lesson that is waiting holding power yet unseen

The power of His Gospel men still fail on which to lean

That Gospel that's survived the years of persecution's wrath

Upon the true and faithful who still walk the Saviour's path

And like Him share that message all of heaven longs to see

That message pure and simple yet with great complexity

That's ours for the taking understanding and believe

As morning after morning His true Spirit we receive

Matthew 4:18-25; Mark 1:34-35; Luke 4:40-44; Matthew 13:10-17

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