Daily Devotional


He felt the nails within his hand he'd known so well before

Those nails he'd driven many times in dozens even more

Who'd been condemned for crimes they'd done or accusations made

But this time it was truly wrong to kill this One Who prayed

For in Him he must crucify he saw no guilt at all

A talent he did cultivate as he would hear men call

Out to their gods for mercy for the things that they had done

But judging by His presence this was not a guilty One

But was indeed much purer than the holy men at hand

Much richer in His holiness than men could understand

Not in some worldly royalty or other earthly way

But like some kind of deity some way he could not say

For when condemned and criticized He would not speak one word

Not one complaint of suffering from His lips could be heard

He simply mentioned His great thirst of which there was no doubt

And when they offered gal for pain He chose to go without

Because as he would later learn indeed his thoughts were true

The deed that he performed that day that he was forced to do

Was one of Godly sacrifice as Jesus took his place

And he would see the grace of God upon his Saviour's face

For as he stood there watching as the Son of God did die

And heard the moans of anguish he did also hear Him cry

His work for man was finished as God laid on Him our sins

And as the Lamb was sacrificed His new work would begin

That for both Jew and Gentile for both rich and commoner

As great High Priest His own pure blood He now could minister

Before God's throne in heaven as this Roman soon would learn

From studying the scriptures with the few who there had turned

From leaning on tradition to exploring all Christ taught

Pursuing not the words of men but how the Saviour thought

When living here among us as a Man among all men

He showed by His Example how to overcome all sin

And make that preparation for His Kingdom up above

The one He purchased by His death by hanging there in love

The Lamb of God's great Sacrifice nailed to a wooden cross

By hands that knew not what they'd done by God to save the lost

Matthew 27:54; Mark 15:24-39


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