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Daily Devotional

The Sinner's Choice

The Father's love knows no restraint it knows no bounds at all

It even loves the ones who will not answer to its call

But though His love is strong and deep His patience soon will end

For love will trump His patience when He puts an end to sin

You see it's love that even brings the fire from above

That wipes away the sinner who refused His endless love

For hell to them would be to live where no one sinned at all

As they've become attached to all the symptoms of the fall

That will not be in heaven will not be a part of men

Who live throughout eternity where there will be no sin

No self serving indulgences no lying or deceit

Just love and joy in sharing Christ with everyone you meet

And no one will be angry when they fail to get their way

There'll never be a harsh tone in the things that people say

Just tones of cheer and happiness where people never cry

Where nothing ever fades away for nothing there will die

But there will be one heartache that will last eternally

Within the heart of Him Who died to buy eternity

And within God the Father and the Spirit's heart as well

An aching that we cannot know no tongue could ever tell

For when Christ died upon the cross to purchase fallen men

It wasn't just for those who chose to turn away from sin

But for all of humanity that pure love they might see

And be redeemed and born again free from iniquity

As treasures to the Farmer that He found out in the field

As broken vessels in which God the Potter had revealed

The power of His mighty grace to make them new again

To make them perfect with no taint of self-destroying sin

For this is where the rub comes that's been so misunderstood

It's not that God has lost His love for those who are not good

But that they cling to sin alone when His last call is heard

And choose the lies God will destroy and not His Living Word

For punishment will be their choice for all the things they've done

When God was holding out His hand through Christ the only Son

And when they could have known His love they chose to turn their face

And gave their back to all the joy that comes with Godly grace

Matthew 13:44; Jeremiah 18:1-10; Matthew 23:37-39; 25:34-46

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