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Daily Devotional

Another Comforter

The presence of God's Spirit never leaves us unprepared

For God has proved through Jesus just how much He really cares

He sent Him from His Kingdom from His place upon His throne

And gave Him as a helpless Babe to be our very own

He let Him live among us as a Child before the feet

Of His adoring mother to prepare our Lord to meet

The challenges before Him as the Saviour of mankind

By teaching Him the scriptures to prepare His heart and mind

And then as He reached manhood and responded to God's call

He took His early training and relinquishing His all

Without a home to house Him set to work among all men

To draw their souls to heaven and away from worldly sin

To show us through His living and Example here on earth

Just what should be expected from one living in new birth

For everyday He showed us through His own activity

What one who really loves God before others hopes they see

As early every morning after meeting God in prayer

His Spirit was His portion that was with Him everywhere

That shared with Him His insight in the souls of other men

That gave Him words of wisdom to reveal what lay within

Their hearts so they would listen and abandon their old ways

To give their hearts in service the remainder of their days

Just like the One before them Who shared everything He knew

By every act of service to the little things He'd do

That touched each heart found open to receive His better Way

That wanted to be like Him in the things they'd do and say

And wanted the assurance God's own life might live in them

When they through living service gave their all through love for Him

To bring joy to their Father just like Jesus did before

To give their all in service as no one could love them more

Than He Who walks beside them as He walked with Christ back then

To give them grace for living in their battle over sin

So friend if you're still thinking you're in battle on your own

Just trust what God will tell you as you spend that time alone

Communing with His Spirit Who prepares you for your day

And stays right there beside you every step along your Way

Psalm 22:9-11; Ezekiel 20:41; John 14:9-17

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