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Daily Devotional

Daddy's Hands and Feet

How comforting it is to know God's always had in mind

The path in life He's made for me that I've been blessed to find

Though often painful in the ways I've wandered on my own

He's always had His hand by mine so I was not alone

And always He has offered me that opportunity

To simply open up to Him and let Him live in me

As we together face each day in His strength hand in hand

Not failing always faithful to the work that He has planned

But sometimes I don't trust Him and I know it hurts Him so

To see the things I ponder and the way I choose to go

And for a moment I release my grip so I can see

Just how it feels to do those things I think will pleasure me

And always no exceptions just as sure as I was born

I stumble fail and falter as my soul is bruised and torn

And thinking there is no way God will ever have me back

I see through inspiration all those stripes that I still lack

That Christ has taken for me if by faith I turn to Him

And let Him place my hands in His to feel the scars in them

And see the precious evidence of love within His eyes

That glistens in each painful tear that draws me when He cries

From wanting to walk on my own as I have done before

That makes me want to feel His grace embrace me all the more

And lift me from my fallenness to stand upon His feet

Just like I did when I was young upon my Daddy's feet

As he would take my hands in His and walk me on His own

So that I could not stumble nor could feel the many stones

That He endured beneath His soles that shielded mine from them

As long as I held tight upon the love that came from Him

And trusted though it was a stretch at times to walk His stride

I never feared when He was there to want to go and hide

For He was mine and I was His invincible as one

He my almighty Father me His small and trusting son

So next time when discouraged should you think you're on your own

Remember God's hand's next to yours you do not walk alone

And if you will but open up your heart and let Him in

Then every step you take from here will be with Him again

Jeremiah 1:4-19; John 3:16-17

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