Daily Devotional

The Very Last Part

If on an open canvas one should paint a line or two

Could you without the others know exactly what they'll do

Could your imagination conjure up what they can see

Within their thoughts at that point are just simply mystery

Or is your own perception limited to what they've done

When all the perfect details come together to make one

Complete and perfect picture of what dwelt within their mind

Until they placed on canvas all the colors they could find

To illustrate what they planned for the rest of us to see

That drawing or that painting with its own complexity

Original in purpose as well as its own design

Created by the artist from the precincts of his mind

Well no we cannot see what's in another person's head

We cannot see that picture as their thoughts cannot be read

But as we watch their movement we can get some telling clues

By different paints and colors and the techniques that they use

But if they choose to leave out one small section 'til the end

Though we may see the balance all the rest will still depend

On how they choose to finish for in truth the last detail

Can hold the greatest meaning that the artist wants to tell

And so it is with Jesus Who has laid the story down

Who from before beginning when no sin on earth was found

Prepared that perfect canvas where salvation would be drawn

And painted for creation long before creation's dawn

And with each living chapter with each line He chose to share

Through each event in history that showed His Father's care

The picture had perfection for that moment and that time

But still lacked its completion like a partial untold rhyme

Until as scriptures tell us every last detail's complete

And all who have been faithful bow before our Saviour's feet

And say it all was worth it to see what the Master's done

When the last details are finished in the image of His Son

And we will have the privilege of being that last part

That stroke of God's pure genius that has made His Work of Art

That will be His forever placed within His Hall of Fame

Because we lived the victory that was found in Jesus' name

1 Peter 1:18-21; Hebrews 11:1-40


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