Daily Devotional

The Woman of Samaria

Her heart was clearly burdened as she knelt there on her knees

To draw a draught of water that would meet her daily need

This woman of Samaria of Sychar to be clear

Who knew not of the water from the One Who waited near

For as she drew her water all involved in her concern

Beside her sat a Person Who her thoughts He could discern

And knowing of her burdens broke the silence with His voice

To bring to her a blessing as He offered her a choice

For He Whom she knew nothing of by nature was a Jew

With Whom those of her people had so little with to do

And thinking He would not want her to speak with Him that day

She almost drew her water and just turned and walked away

But Jesus knew His Father had another thing in mind

And asked her if she'd share with Him some water to be kind

And she surprised did ask Him why He'd take the time to speak

To one whose own salvation was considered to be weak

And then began a discourse that would turn her life around

As Jesus told her many things that kept her spirit bound

Could be removed by asking Him for water that He had

That living water of the life that soon would make her glad

So glad indeed she'd run off to tell people in her town

The message of the coming Christ that surely she had found

Who told her of the things she'd done and made her whole again

So she could know the love of God and have His heart within

And as the people listened to the message that she shared

They too ran out to meet Him Who revealed a God Who cared

Not for their nationality but for their very soul

To make them as one people by God's Spirit clean and whole

And fit them for His Kingdom that the Jews were meant to share

But out of pride and godlessness revealed they little cared

For that work they'd been trusted with the greatest work of all

The work of helping others in this world to hear God's call

So there two days Christ shared with them the mighty words of Truth

And touched and healed the lives of them to whom He brought new youth

As born again these people did become a Gentile band

The first to have the gospel taught the Way they'd understand

John 4:1-43


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