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Daily Devotional

The Gift

The gift wherewith you're gifted comes with certain special strings

That show if you are thankful or deny those special things

That honor the great Gifter who thought you of such a price

He shared that gift and sealed it through the blood of Jesus Christ

You see we've all been given certain gifts when we believe

The story of salvation we've been honored to receive

And part of what those gifts compose is far beyond the words

That one might speak in sharing thoughts that draw us heavenwards

That part is found in living that we know to be as true

How God through Jesus paid that Price that saves both me and you

Through healing the infirmities of others who are weak

To opening the blinded eyes of those who try to seek

Out meaning for their twisted life that makes them damaged goods

Those years of waisting everything God shared with them they could

And yet in mercy still gives them their breath for one more day

When they've been such a stumbling block for others in the Way

But God has more in keeping than our feeble minds can know

And everywhere we've been before He knew that we would go

Before we were created in His image from our birth

Even before His mighty Word established this green earth

And not just did He know the things in this life we would do

He knew the depth of feeling to be lived in me and you

And how through all our troubles trials and our attitudes

His love could light the torch of faith salvation's grace includes

And make us more than conquerors make us in ways like Him

To share with others just like us those gifts God has for them

By showing them a new Way that's not darkened by despair

But gains new light for everyday through moments spent in prayer

With Him Who knows us better than we'll ever know ourselves

And has us in His planning for His work like no one else

As no one else has ever walked the same way we've been led

And no one else can bring new life to light in those still dead

In their own way of living here without a hope or prayer

Unless someone who knows God's love can show them that He cares

And has a new life waiting with His perfect joy in store

For those who will accept His gift of grace we're living for

Romans 15:1-7; Matthew 28:18-20; Revelation 2:5

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