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Daily Devotional

Power in Prayer and Praise

Surrendering a little may not seem like much to you

But when you give a little there's so much more that you do

You open up a floodgate to a wealth of deadly sin

And by that simple action also let the devil in

Who slowly very subtly begins his work in you

To muddy up the water in the good things that you do

A little compromise here and a little twisting there

And then before you know it you've lost all your time for prayer

For prayer that's deep and earnest he well knows won't let him stay

As power that is found in prayer drives darkness far away

And singing in each victory establishes as well

That we have power over him who soon is bound for hell

And are not as he tells us lost because of things we've done

For in each victory we claim the goodness of the Son

Who left His throne in Glory to be One with us as well

Eternal God incarnate in a way we cannot tell

But truly also human born of Mary in a stall

The Saviour not just of the Jews but also of us all

When we by faith accept God's grace and choose to be like Him

Who never compromised one thought as He gave all of them

Each morning to His Father as He met with Him in prayer

And as the scriptures tell us also sang His blessings there

With songs and psalms and hymns of praise like David did before

As power that is found in prayer is strengthened even more

When joined by angels singing who likewise sing as we do

The praises of Almighty God Who cleanses us anew

Each time we fall and turn to Him repentant of our sin

And ask Him for forgiveness for the mess we've made again

And choose next time we're tempted not to compromise but pray

And let His Spirit lead us in the straight and narrow Way

That takes us one step closer to what He wants us to be

A faith filled child of Jesus one with Him in victory

That only knows surrender to the power of the cross

That selfless motivation that knows neither pain nor loss

When Jesus comes in glory to receive His own again

Who stand as lights in darkness mighty victors over sin

Psalm 55:17-23; Matthew 25:41; 1 Corinthians 1:18; Psalm 144:9-15

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