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Daily Devotional

Living Sermon

I'd rather see a sermon than to hear one any day

In truth it's more of what one's done than what they care to say

For words come cheap and easy but the heart that's pure and true

Is focused not so much on words but things that they can do

To help another pilgrim in this journey known as life

To ease the heavy burdens that they carry through the strife

They face when simply trying to exist another day

To carve out some great meaning for the price they have to pay

In struggling with evil from the cradle to the grave

Not knowing there's a Saviour who paid all the day He gave

His life like ours by suffering our death upon that tree

That should have been the wages paid by all humanity

And how they need to understand more than that rugged cross

He rose to prove that by God's grace we need not suffer loss

Of life that is eternal that will be brand new again

For all who love and trust Him through the faith that they maintain

By not just prayer and study but by living what they know

By reaching out to those in need the love of God to show

Through feeding of the hungry giving shelter to the poor

By binding broken spirits through the help they're looking for

By strengthening the helpless with encouragement from Him

Who wrote that great love letter that we pause to read to them

With passion as He wrote it through the prophets long ago

But still carries the power of the love we need to know

That transforms those in darkness to be children of the Light

That strengthens all God's soldiers for that most important fight

Against the force of evil that still rules the hearts of men

To open up a channel that will let God's Spirit in

To make them more like Jesus Who did all that He could do

To share that glorious Gospel with the folks God brought Him to

Through ministry of healing and the feeding of their soul

Which is for those who follow Him their most important goal

Because when all is finished and this world we know is through

The ones who have been faithful through the works they chose to do

Will be the only people who will claim God's promise there

By living like their Saviour as a channel of God's care

Isaiah 58:6-12; Matthew 25:31-46; 1 Corinthians 12:23-27

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