Daily Devotional

It's That Simple

It starts out very simply with neglect to read God's Word

The more we wander from Him more we follow what is heard

From others whom we think to have authority with God

When if we were perceptive we could see the path they trod

Is far from what it ought to be to represent our King

As what we hear and see of them is more an offering

Of selfish bold ambition with a cloak of righteousness

That really is a subtle tool to hide their wickedness

And before long we find ourselves defending what is wrong

Because we see that others do the same to get along

And in our haste to hold up that that is not truth at all

We set up someone else who's weak to also take the fall

From grace where God was leading through the study of His Word

Where not the voice of others but His Spirit can be heard

Where all the old is laid aside and life is new again

With Him Who is our Mighty God Creator Guide and Friend

Who does not lean on others who have not a walk with Him

Who does not trust His precious Truth to be abused by them

But shares directly with the soul who studies Him in prayer

Who is the Word of righteousness that's with us everywhere

From first thing in the morning when we seek Him on our knees

And want more than this world can know our words and actions please

The One Who came and died for us that we might live again

To vanquish every tempting thought that leads us back in sin

And place Him on His rightful throne that people cannot see

But actuates the very actions that help us to be

Reflections of our Lord and Saviour that they too might know

The One alone Who guides and watches where His children go

And come the end of every evening as we kneel in prayer

We take the time for that reflection how when everywhere

We sought His wisdom and His guidance we could see His hand

And know with confidence He led us just as He had planned

So soul if you are tired and weary tempted not to read

The precious Words that are salvation as we learn to heed

His Spirit's guidance through abidance to what He will share

Remember how in love He suffered just to prove He cared

John 5:39-47; Romans 15:1-6; Psalm 119:9-16


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