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Daily Devotional

The Movie

There are so many lessons we can learn from ages past

From characters both good and bad like some great movie cast

But unlike some great movie to be classic by design

The past we see in scripture has an impact on the mind

Far greater as the Author is in writing His script still

Upon the hearts of all of us who bend before His will

As each of us are characters upon this set of life

Who live through joy and tragedy through happiness and strife

And each of us have promise for as long as we're alive

To be one of those characters who finally survive

When story meets its climax at our Saviour's soon return

Because we chose to follow lessons He planned we should learn

But unlike some great movie what we see today is real

And facts are facts no matter what we think or choose to feel

There are no mystic monsters who come walking from the sea

Or aliens from outer space to capture you and me

But worse there is a devil with his angel demon host

Who pose as spirits of the dead as dark and evil ghosts

And also pose as aliens from galaxies in space

To draw us from the only Source of life and truth and grace

For scripture does inform us there are other worlds out there

With people who inhabit them who serve our God with care

For us who are still burdened in this theater of sin

Ruled by God's one archenemy who draws the hearts of men

To focus on his fallacies and live by what they feel

Not worried for the future and the mark that's not God's seal

Assuming life is what they make it without consequence

When truth is come the time of trouble they'll have no defense

And will be in that tragedy just one of many souls

Who fulfilled Satan's purpose in his dark deceptive goals

That ends with tears of sorrow from the eyes of Him they grieved

When they had opportunity if only they'd believed

The many times God came to them to help them see the way

To live their part upon this set through all they'd do and say

That will end with His glory being where we'll all begin

For those who chose the side of Life and not the side of sin

Job 1:6-7; Hebrews 13:1-3; Daniel 7:9-10; Revelation 5:1-5; 7:2-3

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