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Daily Devotional

Doctrine of Salvation

The doctrine of salvation that the Lord has given us

Is more than just a doctrine He has given us in trust

It's meant to mold and fashion us to be the more like Him

To be a testimony as we share His love with them

Who have not heard this Gospel that the Lord has shared with us

This Gospel that should be the theme of all that we discuss

Of God Who is eternal Who still sits upon His throne

Established by His presence for the purpose of His own

To radiate His goodness to the universe He made

Especially to those of us for whom in love He paid

The greatest Price One ever paid when He was crucified

The sinless greatest Sufferer Who for our sins was tried

And labeled as the guilty though He bore no guilt at all

But only perfect patience for the children of the fall

Who living blindly in this world to all in God that's good

Chose only to be self-absorbed with all the things that could

Not possibly bring happiness or joy beyond today

As perfect joy is only found in Christ the living Way

Who daily serves as Great High Priest in heaven's court above

To minister to every soul who seeks His Truth in love

That they in turn might share it as His Truth is meant to be

The only Way for sinners to be saved eternally

One people in one Spirit one baptism one by grace

One to be joined together as we seek the Father's face

That is by grace the promise when we let His Spirit in

To make and mold and fashion us who once were lost in sin

But now are testimonies of that most enduring grace

That comes to all who set aside their sight to walk by faith

The faith that has no equal in all power known to men

That lives in God's own righteousness to overcome all sin

That can move mighty mountains or calm raging stormy seas

Or cast out evil demons in the soul of one it frees

So friend don't hide this doctrine of the Gospel of God's love

That by the holy angels is their focus spoken of

But live it share it bear it as the most important thing

For of a truth there's nothing greater that is happening

1 Timothy 3:16; 2 Timothy 3:16-17; Matthew 9:35-38; 24:14

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