Daily Devotional


He handed down the sentence with such smooth authority

When he condemned the One to die because of purity

He thought he had the power to send Jesus to the cross

But of a truth he was the one to suffer greatest loss

For Pilate had been watching as the people gathered round

This Teacher come from Galilee that preached in every town

He heard of all the work He'd done in setting people free

From demons that controlled their lives through gross iniquity

He heard how He made lepers clean and raised the dead to life

And how He brought sweet peace to those who suffered under strife

He heard of wisdom in His words that put the priests to shame

And even made them bear the weight of other's sinful blame

He also saw how people who walked with Him everyday

Did not approach the chores of life in quite the same old way

But had a cheery outlook as though they sought something more

Than being subject to the king and living had in store

For in them he saw something that persuaded him to think

This Man Whom he was looking at had something more to drink

When He had offered others water that would live in them

A water he might also want to be alive in him

But sadly he was blinded by the honor that he bore

And thinking he could not resist what Satan had in store

He gave command to crucify the One He needed most

And sealed his fate when he denied the wooing of the Ghost

The Holy Ghost from heaven Who brought all these things to mind

When Christ stood there before him as he chose to be unkind

And have Him scourged for one last time to still that conscience voice

And sealed his soul forever by the darkness of his choice

But sadly he's not all alone in what he chose that day

For many in authority walk in that path today

Condemning by the things they do the Saviour of mankind

Allowing Satan to confuse their souls and make them blind

To Truth that soon He's coming though they say He never will

The Way of our salvation Who is calling to us still

And if they are not willing as that governor long ago

Then Life with joy eternal they will never ever know

Matthew 27:1-26; John 14:1-6; 4:14


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