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Daily Devotional

True Christianity

The way we view the future lies in how we see the past

And how we do respond to how the die in life are cast

As each event can mold us and the virtue we might lose

Or can be simply building blocks upon which we might choose

To build a reputation as a follower of God

By how we overcome through Him to walk the path we trod

Not looking back though tempted often by the folks we know

But always looking forward to where Christ would have us go

And sharing how His victory is found not in the pain

Of constantly repeating failure often and again

But in the way we seek His presence each and every day

And let Him be the One Who's glory fills the things we say

As we seek those who'll listen with the most attentive ear

To learn the Truth and not just ponder all the things they hear

By studying and asking questions as we all should do

When starting out a new adventure God will bring us to

For God is never startled by the things that come our way

He's never caught in our confusion when He hears us pray

For He knows all things when they happen as they have before

And He has every need provided we are looking for

That will make us the stronger not just for ourselves alone

But for the ones to whom He'll bring us where His seed is sown

That we might help Him bring to harvest fruit His Word will bear

By all the words of our compassion that reveal we care

Because we've been where they've been also and we've found the Way

That God through Jesus has provided for that glorious day

When at His coming Christ will see us as His precious own

Whom He's ordained to live forever with Him on His throne

Because we did not let the devil use the things we've done

To be a tool with which to tear us from God's precious Son

But used instead that meant for evil as a tool instead

To reach another steeped in sorrow to lift up their head

And seek the One through prayer and study Who's prepared a Home

Where those once caught in sin and sorrow will need never roam

As they will have a bond with Jesus perfect strong and true

Because when tempted they surrendered just as Christ would do

John 1:1-12; Luke 8:1-2; Mark 14:3-9

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