Daily Devotional

Perfect Son

The torch was passed at Calvary but so few seemed to care

About how God the Father and the Spirit suffered there

As on the cross the Perfect Son of righteousness did pay

The Price of our salvation as there was no other way

But for Them to be separated by the sin He bore

The sin Christ took upon Himself with crown of thorns He wore

As through the years the sins of men confessed upon the lamb

Did represent that solemn day when died the great I Am

And though He came forth from the tomb to live for us again

In more ways than we realize He still bears marks of sin

For in His hands side brow and feet the scars do still remain

Reminder of the Price God paid that we not sin again

When all is made brand new again the earth restored as clean

As when it was that perfect week when God's great work was seen

By all the great intelligence He'd fashioned long before

But this world different by His work that He had made us for

For this world was a testing place for other worlds to see

How great and deep the love of God for all who live would be

When knowing we would fall to sin when tempted on our own

God did not hesitate to prove His love without His throne

As Christ the Son became the Man forever One to be

Abandoned to the flesh we'll have throughout eternity

Encumbered in a body in one place in time and space

Forever to be One with us one with the human race

But more that just adopting our identity for this

He also made a place upon His throne we must not miss

A place for us to sit with Him to rule eternally

As priests and kings who comprehend what others only see

How when we were His enemies without a hope or prayer

God left His throne to be like us to bear the pain we bear

And even though we failed at times to be true to our word

He never failed to lift us up when from our lips He heard

A simple plea for holiness to take the wrong we've done

And wash away our guiltiness through Christ the perfect Son

And then make us like Him again the Way we're meant to be

Just this time free from sin through Him for all eternity

John 17:13-26; Ephesians 1:4; 1 Peter 1:18-21; John 20:27; Zechariah 13:6


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