Daily Devotional

Lessons for the Learning

Have you in all your hurry ever stopped to recognize

The glory and the wonder that awaits the student's eyes

When studied in the scriptures with intensity and prayer

That God with endless mystery in love has written there

Have you explored the universe God's placed within His Word

And listened for that still small voice that's waiting to be heard

That is His Holy Spirit our great Comforter and Guide

Who holds the keys to glory that's just sitting there inside

Those pages writ with history from Eden to the end

Of when the early Christians taught us how we can depend

On all the Law and prophesies that God through love does share

As evidence He is the One true God Who's always there

And also all the lessons from the voices of the past

Those lessons for eternity Christ said are sure to last

As not one jot or tittle will be moved 'til His return

When even more will be revealed that we have yet to learn

Of how He taught and led us through those times in history

When all was pain and darkness that it seemed that we could see

While light was there for breaking as the vision of our soul

If in His Word we'd simply look that He might make us whole

And share with us His vision that sees far beyond the grave

That sees in us His Kingdom that He came in love to save

When in a simple manger clothed in plain humility

There lay the King of glory hiding both His majesty

And power to preserve us from the evil that would come

Upon Him as our Saviour Who would bear the total sum

Of every sin of passion every sin of our defeat

To make us one forever one with Him when once we meet

Beneath His cross as broken where His grace can make us whole

Each morning as we make with Him that time to fill our soul

With joy and peace and comfort and the guidance for each day

That only comes to those who watch and listen as they pray

That God will make us patient as we take that time with Him

And help us cherish every word to see the gold in them

With all the light and luster that awaits the ones who care

To cherish every lesson He is holding for us there

Jeremiah 15:16; Psalm 119:105; John 5:37-39


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