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Daily Devotional

Love's Motivation

A dedicated focus on the person that we love

Is illustrative of the love God has for us above

He's with us every moment watching everything we do

And gives us loving counsel in each daily challenge too

He's always there to help us when He sees we need a hand

Encouraging our progress when we need the strength to stand

He hears each prayer we whisper long before it leaves our lips

And waits along our chosen path to catch us when we slip

And when absorbed in anguish for some past sin we have done

He's always there to dress us in the goodness of His Son

And always always always when our hearts are crushed with pain

He's waiting with His loving grace to make us whole again

But unlike us He never forces upon us His will

He never tries to make us move when we choose to be still

He never holds a jealous grudge against something we've done

Nor does He work against our will to stop us when we run

Ahead in our presumption thinking what we know is best

When He knows more than anything we need His grace in rest

Preparing for the road ahead with challenges we'll meet

To make us blessings for the souls of others that we greet

With words of His encouragement from time we've spent with Him

Those words specifically His own He shared with us for them

Because He knows the future and the plans He has for us

If we'll but give our hearts to Him and place in Him our trust

The way we would another whom we knew did love us best

Who saw in us great promise even though they knew the rest

Of everything we've done before how evil we have been

And even suffered for the faults of our own selfish sin

So if you love another as God's love is shown to you

And plan your life to bless their walk in everything they do

Then you will find a blessing unlike you have known before

If you make God the focal point in how to love them more

And also in so doing you will learn a lesson well

No mind can clearly comprehend no tongue can plainly tell

You'll learn there is no limit to what God will help us be

When true love is the motivation lived in you and me

Isaiah 41:9-13; Revelation 3:18-22; John 3:16-17; Jeremiah 29:11-13

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