Daily Devotional

Our Hope

No more the tears of injury no more the guilt and shame

No more the persecution for the speaking of the Name

That's healed the brokenhearted freed and made the blind to see

That's made the lame to walk again and formed eternity

Yes sooner than we've thought before Christ Jesus will appear

The darkness will give way to Light and all the earth will hear

The trumpet of the Lord resound throughout the land and sky

And all the faithful to His plan will live and never die

But those who are ungodly who have spit upon His Word

Who've lived in base denial of the Truth that they have heard

Will like the chaff be blown away removed for all their sin

That they refused to give to God Who makes us new again

Because they would not hear Him though the many times He tried

To introduce them to the Truth and Love for which He died

And would not give their selfish hearts by faith to be His throne

Would not allow His Spirit by His grace to make them known

As children of the One God Who before all space and time

Planned out the very life of each of us to help us climb

Above the dark and chaos of this world immersed in sin

To realms of joy and glory where the saints are welcomed in

Into His very presence where the Light of Life will be

The focus of the chosen throughout all eternity

From nature we've not seen before to scars our Lord will bear

That illustrate how truly deep is our Creator's care

That could not leave us helpless hopeless of the coming day

When Christ Who is our Hope and Stay will wipe all tears away

And make the waiting just like Him who stands beside the grave

Of those who will be raised again who trusted Him to save

Them from a lost eternity no more to know His love

The way the lost who hate the Truth will be as spoken of

Through passages in scriptures they refused to hear or see

That illustrate the destiny Christ taught with verity

So friend if you've not met Him Who is calling you today

Not fallen hard upon the Rock that takes our sin away

Ask Him to come within your heart and make you new again

That when He comes He'll see in you the child He died to gain

Revelation 22


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