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Daily Devotional

The Mist

The morning mist reminds me of a time not long ago

When what lay at a distance I could have no way to know

And worry for the future often left me in despair

As help to meet my conflicts might not come to meet me there

But God knew and was watching every challenge that I faced

And knew that in His timing every fear could be erased

But only after I would give Him heart and soul and mind

And leave my selfish jealousies and prideful thoughts behind

But doing what I needed in myself to do for Him

Abandoning my thoughts and ways that made my life so grim

Was harder than these lips can tell or help another know

Unless like me they've walked the path where sin would have them go

The path that's lined with failures often hid by sin's disguise

To look like life's successes to the less than Godly eyes

Where money fame and fortune trap those souls who fail to see

That thing of greatest value that will last eternally

That thing that's known as comfort from the peace that comes from God

That gives us His assurance that no matter where we trod

As long as we are in His will no matter where we stray

If sensitive to His command we won't be swept away

When storms of trouble strike us that are common unto men

Who yet live in this evil world still dark and ruled by sin

Because when we're confronted by the wayward path we chose

We see through grace the path that God would have His people go

And follow knowing always as He's led in times before

He'll lead His precious chosen who adore and love Him more

Than all this world can offer as it has no peace to give

No hope for our salvation or assurance we will live

Beyond this very moment or the next that we might see

No hope of an eternal life one with divinity

No hope of feeling arms of love receive us as God's own

No hope of never feeling lost embarrassed and alone

But as the mist has lifted so my faith has lifted too

And I know as I'm faithful in the things I say and do

No matter what tomorrow in this world may bring my way

I have that calm assurance I'll be His come judgment day

2 Peter 2:17-22; James 4:13-17; Nehemiah 1:9

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