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Daily Devotional

Special Needs

How do you love a person that can never love you back

How do you pour out all your life to love someone who lacks

The knowledge or ability to love you in return

To share in their humanity the things you'd have them learn

How do you show you care for them when nothing that you say

Apparently makes sense to them to move in any way

The depths of their emotions to respond in kind to you

To show appreciation for the loving things you do

You might say that's so foolish there are none who cannot feel

The love another gives them that is true and pure and real

But if you're not a parent of a child with special needs

Who suffers with severity the fruit of evil's seeds

Then you cannot imagine how impossible it feels

At times to keep on going when those challenges are real

Nor can you comprehend the depth of emptiness in heart

When all your dedication keeps your life from having part

With others who are living free from burdens that you feel

Those burdens oft oppressive with the loneliness that's real

That comes with every morning as you wake to face the day

And only ever leaves you when in sleep you pass away

Into the land of slumber where you find a brief reprieve

Where sometimes you find comfort that you're longing to receive

That comfort with assurance that someday in life you'll find

Another who can listen without judging in their mind

Who truly just like Jesus sees the burden that you bear

And reaches out in sympathy to show you that they care

Not just observing from a point or distance that's not real

But living what their saying to assure you that they feel

Your burden by assisting you to let you slip away

To spend a little special time where those who hear you say

You love them can respond in kind to say they love you too

So simple and yet so profound as they respond to you

So friend if in your reading you know one who lives this way

Ask God to help you help them to experience today

The joy that they've been missing that will bring more joy to you

As God will bless the blessers for the selfless things they do

James 1:23-27

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